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27 Jun

Maker Faire

For years I have followed Maker Faires across the country, although I have only ever ‘attended’ online. I have never actually been to one… until today. My son and I headed out Union Station here in Kansas City to see for ourselves what all the making is about.

Our favorite was all the robots!

We made our own out of Legos

More robots out of cardboard

We met the coolest robots of them all, R2D2. My 4 year old son was a bit skeptical of his realistic movements and noises, but I felt like I was 4 years old again! Made me bust out in C3P0 imitation. (not pictured below)


There was a great station for kids making whatever they wanted… reminded me a lot of Playful Factory.


We had a blast and will be going back next year!

01 Jan

Open Toys

Reminiscent of the original Mr. Potato Head…


These 3D printable pieces can be used to hack almost anything into toys… Shown here with veggies:
Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 2.01.42 PM


Download and print your own here:

Some other great toys along the same lines:



08 Oct

Doodling is Good for Your Brain


Since most of the drawings/graphics I put on this site are doodles, this article stuck out to me…

According to a research reported by The Wallstreet Journal, “Doodling helps people stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information.”


If you want to get serious about doodling, check out the Doodler’s Manifesto.

Happy doodling all you smart people.

25 Jul

Make the world a better place… with more WATER BALLOONS!!!

A project worth backing.

03 Jul

Creative Fireworks

Have a great 4th of July weekend… Hope to see some fireworks!


image source: Playdough

08 Mar

Great Toys – Pop Toob

I found a great toy today! It seems like I played with one of these as a kid, but never realized it was actually made for kids. I found these at the local grocery store for a dollar a piece.

I love the ‘play-ability’ to cost ratio! I gave my nieces and nephews several of them and they played with them for hours… turning them into marble runs, telephone lines, whistle wind mills, and more!

pop toob

The only downfall of this toy that I can see is that they come with a barcode sticker attached to one end… while removing it leaves behind that awful sticky junk.

24 Dec

Play from Scratch… Build Big Ideas

A great new site to check out, follow and buy cool DIY toys too!… Play from Scratch. A fun company with a great mission…

“We want to inspire kids and adults to build big ideas through open-ended creative play. We see the world as a place full of possibilities and resources that can be used to solve problems and create fun.”


23 Aug

Cool Kickstarter Toy Project

Back their project here.

03 Jul

Bubble Jet Stream Paper Airplane


This fun project was the brainchild of one of the kids at Playful Factory Camp. We did not have all the supplies needed to prototype the idea at Camp, but I have since built several. It is a fun toy and hopefully this video tutorial will help you build your own.

03 Jul

Chalktrail – Ride and Draw


In 2012 a great kickstarter project was successful and is now doing rather well… All because their idea is awesome! By combining two of the greatest outdoor playthings, a bike and sidewalk chalk… you get CHALKTRAIL.

Having a toddler age son that loves riding any type of vehicle, I look forward to seeing the two piece chalk version that doubles as training wheels.