(That's me on the scooter with my wife holding on tight.) I spend a lot of my spare time researching, exploring, and developing kids toys and I think it is fun to get other people involved in the process. Why keep such a fun thing to myself? Plus, I feel that with the input of a bunch of kids we will be able to come up with better toy ideas... Every Sunday my family gets together for dinner. We play games, make crafts, and eat wonderful food. From this time of playing with my 31 nieces and nephews I learned that kids have the best imaginations and with the right guidance they make the best toy designers. So, I started Playful Factory to do just that, to help kids design their own toys. Please feel free to jump in and share cool toys you have or find online. Also, feel free to submit new toy ideas that you think of... who knows I might just make it into a real toy for you! I look forward to sharing toy reviews, toy safety tips, new toy concepts, and free toy giveaways!

Marketing Kit

Button (85w x 120h) Button (100w x 300h)