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02 Jun

DIY Cardboard Tube Spaceship

I just found this awesome DIY toy tutorial on how to make your own toilet roll spaceship... This cardboard toy is modeled after this spaceship from Battlestar Galactica: And now for the tutorial: I'm totally going to make one. I will show you when I am done. Post yours if you make one too.
25 Apr

Rocketships, Spaceships, UFO-my!

There are very few things cooler than flying objects (identified or unidentified)! For this project, Astronauts and Aliens, we are giving away a free RC QFO... comment on any of the posts in this project to be entered to win (multiple comments = increased odds).This little guy is the smallest radio controlled UFO around! If you survived that video without getting sick you deserve to be entered into the free toy giveaway! Make sure you comment.
14 Apr

DIY Space Helmet

Milk... it does a body good! It also does a DIY project good. Well at least the milk jug does. Here is a little sneak preview of the next DIY Toy Tutorial I will be posting:
Here are some other cool DIY space helmet ideas I found around the internet: Find out more here I want to see your cool ideas for a space helmet!!!
07 Apr

Astronauts and Aliens Toy Research

As a kid, I knew that one day I would travel to outer-space. Not as a NASA astronaut, but as a normal part of life... Kind of like going on vacation... "Where should we go this summer? Do you want to go to space?" With technology advancing as quickly as it is, I would not be suprised if that were an affordable option in near future. And then once we get out there, what will we find? What kind of souvenir would we bring back? In the meantime, we can continue dreaming about that future experience through some cool alien and astronaut toys!

Are there any other cool alien or astronaut toys out there that you like?