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19 Mar

My Birdhouse Project

The best Saturdays start with cold cereal, a bike ride, lawn work and a DIY project. Today was just such a day. Project... a birdhouse! For the past couple of weeks I have been gathering random materials, but have struggled to find the right design. And then last night as I was lying in bed a simple idea came to my mind... A basic concept using three basic materials; cardboard tube, eye bolt, and particle board. Tracing. Sanding. Cutting. Gluing. Hanging. Hopefully the birds will enjoy this little feeder before it rains, because I am not sure how the cardboard will hold up when wet. I look forward to the next DIY Saturday.
08 Mar

Fun Birdhouse Idea

Springbreak is just a few days away... My wife and I are taking a road trip up to Idaho to meet our friend Makenzie for the first time (read more about why we are going to Idaho here). The last time I ventured to that part of the world was on a family road trip in a big RV. So, when I found this camper trailer birdhouse I thought it to be very fitting for the current Playful Factory project and for our road trip adventures. The are available to buy in this etsy store. HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK!
02 Mar

Where to Put Your Birdhouse?

I have been gathering things from around the house to start working on my birdhouse project... While getting ready to build my diy birdhouse, I have also been thinking about where I should stick the thing once I am done. I found some tips online and thought I would share them with you. Try to place the bird house where it is shaded from the hot sun. A little morning sun will not hurt. Most birds like a clear flight path into the nest box. To attract birds you might try placing a small piece of dried moss inside. If possible have the hole facing away from the prevailing wind so rain does not blow in. Different habitats attract different birds. Observe the bird you want to attract in its natural habitat and try to recreate it. There are many things you can do in your yard. One thing you can do is provide bird feeders and water. Do not put the food to close to the bird house or they may not use it for fear of predators. You may even want to plant trees or shrubs, birds can perch on to survey the feeder for predators from a safe distance. I found this info at I will be the first to admit that I am not "all birds", but I I have been having fun researching and building... Have you found any good birdhouse research or have started building your own birdbox? Please share.
23 Feb

DIY Birdhouse Projects

I found this cool cardboard birdhouse you can purchase for $6 and assemble on your own!!! "This easy Craft Project is for the birds but, people of all ages love it too! It is easy to put together and you don't need any tools other than your hands! It is made of sturdy cardboard with a water resistant coating and it comes with a wooden dowel for the front perch. (Classy!) Once you have assembled the birdhouse...Feel free to decorate it with to your own personal taste. Use paint, stickers or markers that you may have on hand. Any which way it is sure to be a hit with your feathered friends!" I am hoping to make my own patterns that you can print off and cut out to make your own birdhouse for free, but for now this is a pretty low cost option. You can get them here.
22 Feb


My wife and I just found out that we get to adopt a baby boy (read more about that story here). The mother that selected us to be his parents is awesome (read more about her story here) and is 6.5 months pregnant. As a result of being so far along in the pregnancy, we have quickly gone into "nesting" mode.. So, I thought this would be a fun topic for our next design project.

Project Nest Box

A nest box is the generic term for a man-made dwelling for nesting animals... the most common type is a birdhouse, which will be our focus for this project. In doing some research I have found some amazing birdhouses... most of which are available for sale if you purchasing rather than making. If you do want to build your own birdhouse I will be sharing some awesome DIY birdhouse plans in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy! Do you have a favorite?