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02 Dec

Elf Toy Design

The Christmas time toy design challenge is to design a toy associated with elves. They are such fun loving creatures I thought it would be fun to make a line of toys themed around elves. So, let's see what you've got... I will add my concepts as the month goes on. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
02 Dec

No Business Like Elf Business

There is no one in the WORLD better at making toys than Santa's little helpers. These elves know what they are doing. Each year they work hard making toys for over 2 billion kids! One of my favorite movies of all time is ELF, staring Will Ferrell. From that movie comes a quote that proves my point about elves perfectly... Papa Elf says: "Another interesting, uh, elfism: Uh, there are only three jobs available to an elf. The first is making shoes at night, while, you know, while the old cobbler sleeps. You can bake cookies in a tree. As you can imagine, it's dangerous having an oven in an oak tree during the dry season. But the third job, uh, some call it, uh, 'The Show', or... or 'The Big Dance'. It's the profession that every elf aspires to, and that is to build toys in santa's workshop." It's a job only an elf can do. Our nimble fingers, natural cheer and active minds are perfect for toy building. They tried using gnomes and trolls but the gnomes drank too much and the trolls weren't toilet trained." Thus proving that elves are the best suited creature to be making all those toys. And thus, I will spend this month of December paying tribute to the mysterious, the cheerful, the wonderful North Pole Elves. Join me all month long as I have fun with the elves... Throughout these holidays I will be decorating with elves, coloring with elves, making toys out of elves, and watch out we might even become an elf! It will be a blast. As you participate in the Elf-ish fun by making comments to the posts you will be entered to win the free toy giveaway (Elf on the Shelf). I want to know... what is your favorite Christmas movie?
02 Dec

Elf on a Shelf Christmas Toy Giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by Mamita and Papito: I grew up playing this elf game (our own families version of it) every Christmas and now I would like to share it with one of you! Through December 20, 2010... simply participate in the current design project and become eligible to win Elf on a Shelf, book and toy for free! Details: How does Santa REALLY know who’s been naughty or who’s been nice? After much urging by the elves and Mrs. Claus, Santa has allowed his biggest secret to be revealed in the book, The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition®. Santa has partnered each book with a magical scout elf which children name. They can then visit the North Pole to register their elf’s name in our Hall of Registry and print their official elf adoption certificate. All Santa approved, of course! Merry Christmas