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30 Oct

Monster Mash Halloween Bash Report

Designed by Sally

The Monster Mash Halloween Bash party was a total hit!

The kids had so much fun and it was a blast for me to have Playful Factory - Monster Lab as part of the celebrations. Twenty customized plush monsters in two hours... not to shabby. Read more...
29 Oct

Great Pumpkin Carving

At our house, we are getting ready to carve pumpkins today and I like the idea of preserving our pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorations. I found some cool alternatives to carving your pumpkin so it stays fresh longer. Here is some of the research I did to try and find inspiration: (some of these have carving too, but could easily be done without) Read more...
27 Oct

Monster Lab at Halloween Bash!

This weekend I am headed off to celebrate Halloween at this party: I have been invited to run a Monster Lab where I will be helping all the kids design and create their own version of some of these: I am so excited to take Playful Factory on the road. I will keep you updated on how it goes. What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?
26 Oct

Halloween Winners!!!

Halloween is this coming weekend. I hope you are all ready! If not maybe these giveaways will help get you ready...

Weekly Free Toy Giveaway

There are multiple winners of the Halloween Silly Band giveaway and the spooky little winners are: Zack L. Olivia Lucia Zach B. Jake Ella Jena Camden Brooklyn The Oldest I will do my very best to get you your silly bandz as soon as possible so you can have them for Halloween.

Weekly Design Winner

All of your ideas for Trick-or-Treat bags and costume designs are awesome! The design winner for the Halloween project is the Alien/UFO design by Jake! We love the idea of riding your bike around looking like a flying UFO! This design is now entered in the running to be made into a real toy at the Playful Factory. As soon as we finish making the Blue Chomping Dinosaur we will vote on which toy we should make next. Thanks for getting ready for Halloween with me and for being a part of Playful Factory's Halloween celebration!
25 Oct

Store Bought vs Homemade

I have finally decided what I am going to dress up as for Halloween! My brother and his family are throwing a Monster Mash Halloween Party for the neighborhood kids. As part of the party they have asked me to put on a Monster Lab where the kids can make their own monsters to take home with them. Because of my role as Monster Creator and Chief I thought it appropriate to dress up as a Mad Scientist... Now comes the fun part of creating my costume. Any ideas? Should I go find one at the store or make one out of things found at home. Is your Halloween costume going to be store bought or homemade this year? (Don't forget, today is the last day to submit your costume design or candy bag design to be eligible for the free toy giveaway. Submit your designs here.)
23 Oct

Flying Ghosts… Yeeeehaww!

This is a fun simple Halloween decoration project for you and kids. It takes almost no money, materials, or time. Get the toy tutorial here. This is the last weekend to create your new toy designs. You have until the end of the day on Monday the 25th to submit either a Halloween costume idea or a Halloween trick-or-treat bag idea. Submit all ideas here and qualify for the free toy giveaway!
23 Oct

Halloween Flying Ghosts

Flying Ghosts

Make this flying ghost family a part of your Halloween celebration by making your own. It is simple and cheap. Just print off the template below, color your ghosts, string them up, and tape them to a ceiling fan. We have had our ghosts up for almost a week and they are a lot of fun. I will say to put them close enough to the fan blades so that they do not swing around and hit you in the head... Ouch! DIFFICUTLY: 10% TIME: 00:22:05 MONEY: $$$$$ MATERIALS: It is hard to snap a photo of flying ghosts! Download the template and instructions:
I found that these little guys can also be fun as table top decoration... Enjoy!
22 Oct

Printable Halloween Projects

I hope this project suggestion helps those that are short on time during this Halloween season. For me it seems that work, school and personal life speed up at a continually increasing rate as we dive head first into the holidays... Halloween for me, marks the beginning of these memorable and crazy times. Do you feel the same way? If you do, these little paper toys from Woo! Jr. are perfect for you. Simply print them out, pin the limbs to the torso, and play!
21 Oct

Halloween Potato Prints

When I was in first grade my teacher helped me make a painting using apples cut in half dipped into red paint and placed onto a large piece of white butcher paper. It is the piece of artwork that I am most proud of... It looked much like this: As soon as I saw this Halloween potato print project it brought back all the care-free emotions of making apple prints in the first grade. Come with me now... back to rainy day recess, milk in a bag, chicken fights on the monkey bars, and scary teachers... Take a trip back in time with me and give this project from LMNOP a try. Let's see you try one...
20 Oct

Halloween Owl Lantern

An owl to light up your Halloween Another great project from our friends at Disney. This little owl is made from a lamp and some fun textured paper. I discovered that IKEA sells these lamps for about $8 (shade, light). I really want to try this one! It could be cool to also use a the lamp to make a glowing Jack-O-Lantern. What else could be made from this low cost decoration item?