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19 Oct

Pumpkin Hallow Halloween Project

My brother and his family go to Disneyland almost every Halloween. From what I hear it is amazingly fun! The place is sold out, decked out, lights out fun... candy around every corner, all the visitors are dressed up, all the characters and staff out having fun... To some, this might sound like Disney is going a little overboard, to me it pretty much sounds like what I always wished Halloween would be.
Today's Halloween project comes from the providers of the Happiest Place on Earth (by Disney) Here is their introduction to this fun Pumpkin project. "By day, there's not a soul in sight but after dusk, it comes alight each orange orb a glowing beacon for boys and girls gone trick-or-treating. This cozy haunt for spooks and sprites is easily conjured for Halloween night. So gather some pumpkins and carving tools and set the scene for visiting ghouls..." I love this idea of a village made out of pumpkins... who wouldn't want to live in a pumpkin? I can envision little Smurf-sized people walking in and out of their little pumpkin homes. See how they did this project here. If you are serious about cities built out of pumpkins (I don't know if Osha would approve) you could always go more along this route: Now that is going overboard! What Halloween projects have you been working on?
18 Oct

Halloween Projects Galore

There are a lot of awesome craft projects for the Halloween season. I want to share my favorite ones with you this week. At the end of the week there will be a Playful Factory original Toy Tutorial to add to the bunch. If you do any of the projects I would love to see some picts. Thanks and enjoy!
For the first Halloween project I want to share one of my favorite blogs for kids... Made By Joel provides great toy ideas for the kiddos... here is his Halloween toy this year: Scary Cats - Matching Game Download the full-sized version here, print it out, and give it a try. Made by Joel is also have a free toy giveaway right now! Go leave a comment to enter and win a small wooden elephant puzzle.
16 Oct

Halloween Candy Bag Concepts

It is fun to think back on all the past Halloween nights and think 'What kind of trick-or-treat bag do I wish I had back then?' Here are my answers: 1. Bright Candy Bag - Embedded flashlight and glow in the dark reflective bands. This will help you see with the flashlight and help others see you with the reflective bands. 2. Candy Sorting Bag - With multiple cavities (pun intended) you can sort your candy as you go instead of when you get home. 3. GPS Candy Bag - This allows you to input what candy you get where and through a network of trick-or-treaters you can find which neighborhoods and houses have the candy you like. This will also help find those houses giving away king sized candy bars! 4. Candy Bag Cuffs - I never had my candy bag snatched as a kid, but I watched it happen multiple times. It looks like the worst experience ever!!! This little contraption simple attaches a cuff or fabric bracelet on your arm which is then connected to the candy bag. This way if anyone tries to take your bag, they will also have to take your whole arm. What ideas do you have? Share them as a comment here and become eligible for the Halloween free toy giveaway.
16 Oct

Halloween Toy Design Project!

I have been looking forward to the Halloween project for a few months. I have been having an internal debate whether we should make cool costumes or make awesome trick or treat candy bags. I was unable to decide between the two, so we are actually going to do both. Some of you may already have your costume all figured out, so you can focus on making a cool trick or treat bag. Others of you have not even thought of what you are going to be for Halloween and this will be a great opportunity to work on designing your own costume.

Trick-or-Treat Candy Bags

When I was a kids I used an old pillow case as my candy collecting bag. Wait... isn't that what looters carry the stuff they steal around in? We can do better than that... right? Here are some fun bags that I found: Owl Goodie Bag by Susie (found here). They have a downloadable template to make your own bag. Thanks! Scrappy Owl by The Long Thread (found here). Candy Corn Bag by Ducktivities (found here). This great little youtube video helped get me in the mood to design some sweet Halloween stuff... Beware the tune is kind of catchy: You see the list is short! There needs to be more fun bags out there!!! Come on little designers, the trick-or-treaters need your help to be able to have a cool fun bag for Halloween night to help gather up all that yummy candy. Let's see what you got. Design and submit a trick-or-treat candy bag to be eligible for the free toy giveaway. (If you need inspiration I have sketched out some design concepts here) If you are making your own costume take a picture of the costume (with you wearing it or not, up to you) and submit it to be eligible for the free toy giveaway. If you do both, design a bag and costume, you will have double the chances of winning. Good luck! (Submit your designs as a comment to this post and attach pictures or drawings if you have them. If you have any issues please let me know and I can help you out.)
15 Oct

Worst Halloween Costumes

I was a ninja for about 6 years in a row. I am not sure why, but we loved being ninjas... That was a bad idea. But not nearly as bad as these ideas... How do you even get in this thing?
"Look mom, I'm a toilet paper roll holder!"
Ooops! Excuse me.
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Sometimes you just have to tell your child they cannot dress up like Uncle Steve for Halloween. But then again that may just open up a more difficult conversation about Uncle Steve's choice of occupation.
Parents please help your kids find good costumes. Kids help your parents choose good costumes. Have you seen any really bad costumes? Please share!
14 Oct

Little Nacho Libre Costume

I am about 93% sure that my son will wear this costume for Halloween one day. "Sometimes I wear stretchy pants... just for fun." Thank you Jack Black Junior
13 Oct

Deceptively Cool Halloween Costumes

I am sure these are pricey costumes, but they sure are fun! My favorite is the dog and alligator... Which one is your favorite? What are you thinking of being for Halloween?
12 Oct

More Childhood TV Show Costumes

Remember these guys... Yip, yip, yip, yip! They were classic Sesame Street characters. Seems like a pretty simple costume to make. The Original: The Costume: Have you seen any cool costumes from your childhood or from a TV show? (share some to become eligible for the free toy giveaway)
11 Oct

Possibly the Coolest Costume Ever!

I grew up watching Transformers on TV. It was one of the regulars on Saturday morning. So, when the movies came out I was so excited. All of my favorite characters brought to life on the big screen. This excitement was again experienced when I saw this Bumble Bee costume. Not only can the Transformers come to life, but I can be a one of them! How cool is that!? See how they built this and other Transformer costumes here. More great costumes coming throughout this week! What are you and your kids planning on being for Halloween?