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01 Apr

Future of Parenting Looks Fun

Design firm Continuum worked with Fisher-Price to create a short vision of what the future of parenting might look like. A lot 'integrated' technology rather than screen-tim. A lot of control in play... showing accessible toy design for 3D printing, immersive storytelling environments, transforming of spaces to fit the type of play in the moment, and much more. My favorite part of what is proposed in this video is the ability to save and cherish special moments to be relived later. Right now this is something I try to capture through my smartphone and Instagram, but I look forward to more seamless, in the flow solutions. Very inspiring work, as a designer and as a parent.
30 Oct

Monster Mash Halloween Bash Report

Designed by Sally

The Monster Mash Halloween Bash party was a total hit!

The kids had so much fun and it was a blast for me to have Playful Factory - Monster Lab as part of the celebrations. Twenty customized plush monsters in two hours... not to shabby. Read more...