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03 Jul

Bubble Jet Stream Paper Airplane

jet-stream-paper-airplane2 This fun project was the brainchild of one of the kids at Playful Factory Camp. We did not have all the supplies needed to prototype the idea at Camp, but I have since built several. It is a fun toy and hopefully this video tutorial will help you build your own.
07 Jun

Creativity Camp – Paper Toys Week

We had our first day of Creativity Camp yesterday! It was a blast! We learned that your brain is your best toy. It can imagine and design anything, you just have to train it correctly. We also learned how paper can be turned into awesome toys, including paper craft and origami. Here is a simple tutorial of one of the projects we did yesterday, Origami Baseball Hat: (next time I make a tutorial video I will make sure to wake up a little bit first) Tomorrow is the first day of Camp out in Gilbert and I am excited. I will post some pictures of all the Camps at the end of the week, so parents and readers can check out all the fun that we get to have at Playful Factory's Creativity Camp. Make your own origami baseball hat and post the picture as a comment to this post! I would love to see it.