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30 Nov

Cold Weather Toys

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my wife and I went up to the White Mountains to enjoy the holiday with her side of the family. We had a blast chatting, hauling wood, eating, watching football and eating some more. It was the perfect weekend except for the surprise winter storm. We woke up Thanksgiving morning to 2-3 inches of snow. It was awesome and yet unexpectedly very very cold outside. It got me thinking about winter toys and fun in the snow. So, I put together a little list of awesome winter toys...
Arctic Force Snowball Launchers by Wham-O These look awesome!!! They say it can launch a snowball up to 100 feet! For $30 I want to buy some and try them out.
Snow Sled Shorts by Orvis I hope they come in large sizes!
MusucBag- Wearable Sleeping Bags by LippiselBag
What are your favorite toys to play with in the winter time?