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12 Jan

Puzzle Toy Ideas

Submit your Puzzle Toy Ideas as a comment to this post. Thanks and have fun!
15 Nov

Pet Toy Design Concepts

Design Concepts

Mouse Toy: A few years ago I discovered a mouse living behind the toe kick of my bathroom sink. Instead of doing the normal thing of going to the hardware store and buying a mouse trap, I decided to name him Nicely and keep him as a pet. I did not see him much, but whenever it was really quiet he would come out of his hole looking for food. He was a very talented little mouse and I grew rather fond of him. He would climb into my trash can and take whatever food he needed and then go back in his hole. We lived peacefully together for a few weeks until one day I found his droppings on my clothes. Instead of taking the time to potty train him I decided it was time to make the trip to the hardware store. This toy concept is a solution to the problem between me and Nicely. Now he can get his food and I can have unsoiled clothes.

Little Factory Worker Design Concepts

Ella: Mollie (my puppy) really likes the ears and noses of the my Build Your Own Monster toy, because they have a scratchy surface (velcro) and they are really fuzzy. Plus they are just the right size for her little mouth. So I think that would be a good idea for a ball or something. Jake: Dog chasing toy... Zack: Fast driving, flying toy with lasers... Add you pet toy design concept as a comment to become eligible free toy giveaway. The design winner and the free toy giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!
16 Oct

Halloween Candy Bag Concepts

It is fun to think back on all the past Halloween nights and think 'What kind of trick-or-treat bag do I wish I had back then?' Here are my answers: 1. Bright Candy Bag - Embedded flashlight and glow in the dark reflective bands. This will help you see with the flashlight and help others see you with the reflective bands. 2. Candy Sorting Bag - With multiple cavities (pun intended) you can sort your candy as you go instead of when you get home. 3. GPS Candy Bag - This allows you to input what candy you get where and through a network of trick-or-treaters you can find which neighborhoods and houses have the candy you like. This will also help find those houses giving away king sized candy bars! 4. Candy Bag Cuffs - I never had my candy bag snatched as a kid, but I watched it happen multiple times. It looks like the worst experience ever!!! This little contraption simple attaches a cuff or fabric bracelet on your arm which is then connected to the candy bag. This way if anyone tries to take your bag, they will also have to take your whole arm. What ideas do you have? Share them as a comment here and become eligible for the Halloween free toy giveaway.
25 Sep

Design Concepts: Ride-on Toys

Time to design... Let's see what you got. (add your ideas as a comment to this post) Here are a couple of our ideas:

Shoot and Ride

Details: A two seater with shooters on each end. It could shoot water or foam balls. With an area filled with these little vehicles it could be really fun!

Crazy Ball

Details: The crazy ball is a fun contraption that facilitates laughing and playing. It is an inflated bouncy ball with soft arms attached. It is secured to the floor or weighted at the bottom so that it will not tip over. I am not totally sure of its purpose but it sure looks fun. Jump on! Now I want to see your ride-on toy ideas... post them as a comment to this post. To attach an image it must be .jpg and smaller than 1000pixels x 1000pixels. If you need help, just send me the picture and I can put it up for you. info [@] playfulfactory [dot] com (We will announce soon what the free toy giveaway prize will be for participating.)
16 Sep

Playful Factory Concepts: Chain Reaction Toys

We love this part... coming up with fun designs for chain reaction toys is a blast. We would like to see what you come up with. Here are a couple of our ideas:

Lights Out Machine

1. wiggle your foot to raise the mouse cage 2. hungry mouse runs for the cheese and passes through the spinner 3. spinner moves the boxing glove 4. boxing glove punches the mouse cage 5. mouse cage swings and bumps the paper airplane 6. paper airplane hits the target 7. target pivots the hamster's trap door open 8. hamster crawls through his track and bumps the ball at the end 9. ball rolls down the slide and hits the pivot arm 10. pivot arm rotates and turns off the light... goodnight

Ball Race Track

We also thought it would be fun to make a game out of a chain reaction machine. It could be a ball race track for two players. They roll the dice and the number they get is the number of things they get to change on the track either making it easier for their ball or harder for the other person's ball to get to the finish. Post your ideas... Feel free to post a completed machine concept or to simply post a section of a machine. If it makes it easier you could come up with a better solution to one of the machines that we designed above. It might also be easier to understand you ideas if there is a sketch on this one. Have fun!
09 Sep

Playful Factory: Monster Puppet Toy Concepts

This will be fun! Let's see all the ideas that you have for a puppet monster... get creative with what type of puppet it is as well. Here are some of the ones we thought of as inspiration:

Dont-Eat-Me Monster

Details: The monster sits on your head like a hat... which makes it look like the monster is eating your head. You control the arms using rods.

Gotcha Monster

Details: The monster attaches around your neck and goes with you where ever you go. When you squeeze his feet his mouth opens and closes as well as his hair goes straight and curly.

Bobble-Head Monster

Details: The monster sits on your head and you grab the feet and wobble it back and forth. The eyes, arms, and wiggle as you bobble.

Walk-and-Talk Monster

Details: The monster attaches to one of your hands and both of your feet. Your hand helps it talk and your feet help him walk. Maybe a stick could be attached to one of the hands and you could make its hands move too.

Monster on a Stick

Details: The monster is attacking and eating the stick you hold. You can act like he is trying to attack you, but you are fending him off with the stick. The monster's feet, arms, and hair flop around as you you move the stick. We want to see your monster puppet toy ideas... post them as a comment below. To attach an image it must be .jpg and smaller than 1000pixels x 1000pixels. If you need help, just send us the picture and we can put it up. info [@] playfulfactory [dot] com
02 Sep

Playful Factory: Cardboard Fort Design Concepts

We have been having fun making cardboard fort designs. Here are few of our favorites as inspiration for you...

Triangle Trouble

Details: Multiple triangle FedEx shipping boxes taped together to make a shape changing wall. Put in a semi-circle against the wall and you have got a pretty secure fort.

Light Box

Details: This one is simple... Artistically poke holes in different shapes and sizes. Put a light inside and turn off the lights outside. Fun rays of light will shoot out of the box. You can even tell scary stories inside.


Details: Cut holes in the sides of boxes and connect the boxes together using cardboard tubes (from wrapping paper, etc...). This could make many different types of forts.

Your Turn

We know that you have some ideas. Let's see your designs. Feel free to draw a sketch, make a model, or simply describe your idea. To attach an image it must be .jpg and smaller than 1000pixels x 1000pixels. If you need help, just send us the picture and we can put it up. info [@] playfulfactory [dot] com
26 Aug

Playful Factory: Wooden Pull-Along Toy Concepts

This is my favorite part of the design process! We now get to share our new toy ideas with each other. In whatever form you can, submit your ideas as a comment to this post. Draw a sketch, make a prototype (clay, playdough, paper, etc...), or do anything else that helps others know what your new toy idea is.

Guidelines for Sharing Your Designs

  • Give your toy a name (get creative).
  • Include a brief description about your toy (special features, etc...). Include the age of the designer.
  • Include the name of the designer (it could be fun to make up a "designer" name, kind of like a pen name for a writter).
  • Attach a JPEG image to your comment.
If you need help sketching your ideas here is a free program that makes it easier... Aviary. I prefer their vector editor, but their image editor is also very good. To save they require you login, but I usually just take a screen shot. You can also just sketch your idea on paper and scan it in... or take a picture of it. If you have any problems posting, just email me and I can help with file formats or whatever else you might need: collin[at]playfulfactory[dot]com From the submitted designs, I will choose one to make into a real toy. I also will provide a tutorial on how to make your own version of that toy at home. Playful Factory will randomly select one kid from those that participated to win a free toy! Good luck! Here are a few of my ideas:


Details: Using similar technology as a music box, have the toy make music play as you pull the toy along. The faster you go, the faster the song plays. This could be fun to make multiple modular pieces that you can combine and make different songs with.

Tied Elephants

Details: A family of elephants tied together by their trunks and tails. This toy is fun to pull around and when you get tired you can site and practice your knots... Helps develop the skill to tie shoes.

Putt Putt Pull-Along

Details:This is a two person toy. One person pull the train of cars along while the other putts the ball through the trains. Each train is a different size and the putter will get more points for making it through the smaller train. Keep score and see who can score the most in 5 putts. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!!