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12 Jan

Puzzling Playful Furniture & Decor

I found some great examples of puzzles being used for more than 500 pieces of a little cardboard falling out of a box and then spending the next 4-10 hours trying to put together. Don't get me wrong... I like those kind of puzzles, but hopefully these examples will help you see that your puzzle design can be whatever you want it to be! Submit your puzzle design here and be entered to win the free toy giveaway!
Puzzle Rug
Puzzle Table
Puzzle Floor
Puzzle Dresser
Puzzle Sofa
10 Jan

The Best Wooden Animal Toy Puzzles

As I have continued my research of puzzles I began to notice how many great wooden animal puzzles there are out there. Here are the best of the ones that I found.

Wooden Elephant Puzzle

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Zoomaderita Paintable Puzzles

Naef Wooden Toy Puzzle

Little Wooden Animal Puzzles

Elephant Puzzle

I hope that all of these puzzles are giving you some good ideas for new toy puzzle designs!
06 Jan

Top 5 Wooden Toy Puzzles

I have been researching puzzles for the past while and have found some really great ones. I just can't keep it in any more... I just had to share some of my favorites with you...

P'kolino Stacker Puzzle

Janod Wooden Rocket

Nueve Perception Puzzle

Bau Pendant Puzzle

Brainbow Stacking Nesting Arches Puzzle

What is your favorite wooden puzzles?
07 Dec

Christmas Elf Bowling

I stumbled upon this little gem while doing some elf toy research... These guys are awesome little gnomes that you can print out (download PDF) and make into a bowling toy set. With the closeness in appearance between gnomes and elves it seems like with a little tweaking you could easily make these into Christmas decorations/toys. Fantastic Toys does a lot of great toy/craft stuff. They have some great ornaments and other paper craft toys for the holidays. Check them out here. Have you seen any cool elf/christmas themed toys out there?
29 Oct

Great Pumpkin Carving

At our house, we are getting ready to carve pumpkins today and I like the idea of preserving our pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorations. I found some cool alternatives to carving your pumpkin so it stays fresh longer. Here is some of the research I did to try and find inspiration: (some of these have carving too, but could easily be done without) Read more...
08 Sep

Playful Factory: More and more puppets!!!

We had to do another post of existing puppets, because there are just too many amazing puppets out there... Paper Puppets Monkey Puppet Mouse Puppet Shadow Puppets Hippo Puppet Hand Puppets Hope you enjoy! Start thinking about what type of monster puppet you want to make. We post our monster puppet concepts tomorrow.
07 Sep

Playful Factory: Now that is a lot of puppets!

Puppets have been around for a looooong time, dating back to ancient Asian cultures. They continue to be a big part of many cultures as story tellers and toys. Here are some of the many different type of toys to help give you some ideas... (list found on Animatronics (robotic puppets) Kota the Triceratops by Playskool found on Blacklight puppets Caricature puppets (puppets made to look like real/famous people or yourselves/friends/family) Costume puppets (puppets you wear) < Finger puppets

Finger Puppet Rock Concert from Tim Wilson on Vimeo.

Found puppets (also known as object manipulation or object theatre) Glove puppets (aka hand puppets) Light curtain staging (puppets seen, puppeteers ‘invisible’ ) Marionettes (string puppets) Mouth puppets (puppets that talk) Muppet-types (a version of mouth puppets) Parade puppets (puppets used in parades or outdoors) People puppets Rod puppets Shadow puppets another cool shadow puppet video Shoulder puppets Sock puppets Table-top puppetry (a version of rod puppets) Toy theatre White light theatre (puppeteers visible) Ventriloquist puppets Water puppetry We probably missed some... share with us the ones that you find!
31 Aug

Playful Factory: 15 Crazy Cool Cardboard Products

Cardboard is a fun material for building pretty much anything. Because it is so versatile, toys are not the only thing made using cardboard. Below I have shared 15 of my favorite crazy cool things made with cardboard. If you find any cool products made form cardboard please post them as a comment. We can use our collection of products as inspiration for the cardboard forts we are going to be designing later this week. ^ Rock-n-Roll Bookshelves by Sergej Gerasimenko on ($195) ^ Room Dividers by Enzo Mari found on ^ Modular Room Divider by MIO found on ^ Shark Car and a Cardboard TV (cool for puppet shows!) by Ben Blanc's Studio found on ^ Astro Rocket by Cardboard Safari's found on ^ Office by Paul Coudamy found on ^ Wallpockets by Ampersand found on ^ Baby Feeding Chair by Belkiz Freedwayfound on ^ CardBike by Phil Bridge ^ Innovative Packaging by Patrick Sung found on ^ Cat Scratching Tower by Moderncat Studios found on ^ Play Washer and Dryer by Forty Two Road found on ^ Cardboard Shelves by RecycleBox found on ^ Not a Box by Antionette Portis found on A great book to find more ideas for what a box can become.