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25 Nov

The 5 toys I am most thankful for…

In no particular order...


TEGU Magnetic Wooden Blocks Blocks have helped shape and develop my mind. As a child my family had a large box of bare wood blocks in the play room. The pieces transformed into cities, castles, bridges, forests, boats, airports, jungles, and any other world that needed to be played in. Tegu takes the next step of adding magnetic points in the blocks so they can be connected to the other pieces to make some fun creations.


Erector Set Classic Building Toys I have 4 brothers and we shared a lot of the toys we had. The first toy that I remember being mine was an erector set I got for my birthday around 8 years old. I spent hours and hours building all sorts of stuff. I even shared with my brothers every once and a while. 🙂


Nerf Atom Blaster This toy came out right around the time I got married. My wife and I enjoyed shooting it around our little studio apartment. It truly was a blast! Well done Barry Kudrowitz.


Somewhere City Toys - My favorite character toys by far are these little interchangeable guys. They make me think of a modern Dr. Seuss and have introduced me into the world of Goran Lelas. He is a designer with a flair for the whimsical and the unique. A great inspiration for playful designs.


Creature Cups and Scrubble (Boon) These are the first toys I ever helped design. It taught me a lot about toys and other products working with such a talented team.
What playful toys are you thankful for?
28 Oct

All My Friends Are Dead

Yesterday one of my brothers sent me this book: I had to share it with you because my wife and I laughed the entire time we read it. Here is a little preview for you... Read more...
06 Sep

Playful Factory: Project launch that is so fun it’s SCARY!!!

Monster Puppets are going to be monster fun! We will take a look at different types of puppets and also see all the many kinds of monsters we can make. Here are some of my favorite monster puppets. Some of them even date back to my childhood. ^ Droidimals by Manhattan Toys found on ^ Green Monster by Silly Puppets found on ^ Todd by Monster Factory found on (There is no hyperlink because some the content is not appropriate for kids. It is not horrible... just being safe.) ^ Cookie Monster by Jim Henson found on PBS tv. ^ Monster Pals by Sew Easy Creations found on ^ Bumpkin by The Hookery found on ^ Purple Monster by Chasing My Star found on Let us know which one is your favorite and add some of your monster puppet finds.
30 Aug

Playful Factory Project Launch: Cardboard Forts

Cardboard forts are one of the most innate toys ever... Have you ever seen a kid open a gift with a nice toy inside only later find the kid playing with the box the gift came in instead of the toy. It is because they love to use their imagination and mentally turn the box into whatever toy they want it to be. Many toy designers have taken the basics of a cardboard box and added their little twist to make a wonderful cardboard fort. Some are folded, decorated, cut, glued, etc... The options are limitless. This week you can design your very own cardboard fort. Use the follow cardboard forts as inspiration and start think of what kind of fort you want. Add any research images you might have as a comment or simply let us know which one is your favorite. ^ Rocket and Pod by PaperPod found on ($60) ^ Castle and Teepee by Calafant found on ($30) ^ Polyhedral House by Nume found on ^ YooDo by Offi found on Polyhedral House by Nume found on ^ Villa Julia by Javier Mariscal found on ($350) ^ Whimsical Cottage and Country Barn by Joes Toy Box on ($60)
23 Aug

Playful Factory: Project Launch of Pull-Along Toys

Pull-along toys are a classic. They are designed for toddlers on the go... crawling, walking, and running. You can find them in any store and even on the big screen. Most of today's pull-alongs are made from some type of plastic. My favorites in this genre all happen to be made primarily from wood. Wooden pull-along toys are hard to find, but once you do, they can last a lifetime and beyond. This week we will be designing, making, and giving away a wooden pull-along toy. Keep up to date throughout the week to see product research, get safety tips, submit and see toy designs, see the final design, and get a tutorial to make your own. You will want to participate in this week's design process to qualify to win the free toy! The first step in this design process is to research existing wooden pull-along toys on the market. These are some of my favorites from my research. Feel free to add your favorite via leaving a comment. ^ Sit'n Walk Puppy by PlanToys ($18) ^ Pic Pic the Hedgehog by Vilac ($56) ^ Ma-Me-Pa by Maya Organic Toys ($35) ^ Kiwi by Keko ($36) ^ Theo the Escargot Pull Toy by Vilac ($33) ^ Pull-Along Snail by PlanToys ($18) ^ Caramel Pull-Along Dog by Djeco ($25) ^ Pull Along Helicopter by Brio ($10) ^ Zara the Vulture by Vilac ($70) ^ Pull-Along Catepillar by PlanToys ($16) Next I will be sharing safety tips for designing and buying wooden toys.