Playful Factory wants to help make it easy for the Little Factory Workers (kids) to not only design, but also to make their own toys. This page is where we will store all of our toy tutorials for you to view and download. That way you can have a growing resource of tutorials to help you make your own handmade toys.

Do-it-yourself Toy Projects:

Bubble Jet Stream Paper Airplane
Rubber-Band-Jo (a cardboard guitar)
Paper Toy Baseball Hat
Cardboard Spaceship All you need is 4 toilet paper rolls and some tape to launch into space.
Halloween Flying Ghosts Having ghosts flying around your house sounds creepy, but it is actually a lot of fun. Simply print the template and assemble. Give it try!

Puppet Monster made from plush toy Choose any plush toy and make a monster puppet out of it... Give it a try!

Accordion Cardboard Fort An accordion wall toy that can be used for many things; forts, art projects, mini room dividers… It can also be made into a drawing table.

Pull-Along Toy coming soon...