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22 Sep

Project Launch: The best Ride-on Toys

How do you determine which ride-on toys are the very best? Well, I can tell you how I chose my top fifteen. First, I broke ride-on toys into four categories; Wheels, Slide, Bounce, and Rock. Then, I did a whole bunch of research, trying to look at all of what is out on the market right now. Finally, I rated each product by its; Safety, Function, Uniqueness, Cost, Style, and whatever I "feel" about the product. Without further boring you with details here are my top 20 ride-on toys:


^ Space Hopper found on babygadget.com ^ Frog Hopper found on kingofthecastlesleisure.com ^ Rody found on thelearningtree.com by Gymnic ^ Fluffizoo found on kidscrave.com by fluffizoo ^ Howdy found on trumpette.com by TRUMPETTE


^ The Big Wheel found everywhere ^ Ride On found on funktionalley.com by Brio ^ Scooter found on highglossonline.com by Plan Toys ($162) ^ Euro Scooter found on justscoot.blogspot.com by Unknown ^ Skipper Scooter found on stylehive.com by Skipper Toys ^ Svan Scooter found on littleurbanites.com by Svan ^ Plasma Car found on plasmacar.com by PlaSmart ^ Krazy Kar found on backtobasictoys.com by Amloid Corporation ^ Sirch Max Push Car found on babynaturopathics.com by Sirch ^ Leka Trojan Horse found on kidscrave.com by Yngve Eriksson ^ Wooden Trike found on kidscrave.com by PlanToys ^ Scoot n Zoom found on kidscrave.com by Radio Flyer ^ URoll found on needspark.wordpress.com by Giggles ^ Inch Worm found on babygadget.com by Radio Flyer ^ Wheely Bug found on allmodernbaby.com by Prince Lionheart ^ Okiedog Trike found on timetoplaymag.com by International Playthings ^ Push-Bike for Three found on thingamababy.com by Winther ^ BIT found on grassrootsmodern.com by Glodos ^ Trunki Ride-on Luggage found on babble.com by Trunki Okay, so there were a little more than twenty... can blame me? Which one is your favorite? Why? I am sure I missed some good ones. If you find other ride-on toys that you really like add them to this post as a comment.

  1. Amanda Sorensen
    October 3rd, 2010 at 15:51 | #1

    Here is my son’s idea for a ride on toy. He wanted an airplane that you could drive and had guns to shoot.

  • Amanda Sorensen
    October 3rd, 2010 at 15:45 | #2

    This is my daughter’s idea of a fun ride on toy. Has a moon roof, steps and horns to hang on to.

  • Shannon Martin
    October 1st, 2010 at 15:58 | #3

    Wow I had no idea there were so many different ride-ons, most of these I have never seen before.
    My 11 month old loves the plastic radio flyer wagon that the seat go up with seatbelts or lay flat.
    My 3 year old has a radio flyer tricycle that has gone threw 3 of my kids, from a durability standpoint this one has done it. It seems to be the easiest and first pedal bike my kids will ride. Maybe because the seat moves closer than any of the big wheels or other bikes.
    My 8 year old loves his electric razor scooter. I thought this would get old after a while, but he has had it for about a year and half now. Hasn’t broken and is rode about every day.

  • Bowman
    September 25th, 2010 at 10:09 | #4

    We have the Big Wheel and Plasma Car (thanks Grandma). That Plasma Car can entertain and hold a grown man. That’s worth an award! We also have some classics: Grocery cart (must be heavy duty- no skimping on price here. Ours has lasted all 6 babies- thanks Grandma again), and some outdoor cars. I love the swinging doors on those and they serve as great ladders to get up into the trees. I only wish there was a way to save the baby’s feet when getting pushed around the yard. They go right under the car and start to drag him out.

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