11 Jun

Ride-on Toys

Modern Ride-on Toy

This modern ride-on toy looks so fun. I hope they make a grown-up version too. I can imagine this could shake up the downhill bigwheel scene. Still in the concept stage, but I look forward to trying it out.

Ride-on Toy Winner Pictures

The winner of the Bouncy Cow free toy giveaway sent in some photos of their little girl enjoying the ride... She is so cute! Did you see how high she bounced?!!!! There is always a free toy giveaway going on... see what we are giving away now so you can win!

Free Toy Winner Announced

This project was a lot of fun for me. It was fun because it helped me remember being a kid. It reminded me of days I spent riding my bike down Gary Circle (the street where I grew up) playing cops and robbers with my friends. Shooting pretend guns and arresting the bad guys to lock them up in jail (which was under an orange tree of course). It helped me remember, kids got it pretty good...

Weekly Free Toy Giveaway

Speaking of kids... The randomly selected winner of the free kids toy is Amanda Sorensen (to be technical it was your daughters toy concept comment that won you the toy). You get a free Howdy ride-on cow! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy many bouncing hours of fun from this great toy by TRUMPETTE. Please email me your address and Howdy cow color preference.

Weekly Design Winner

There are two design winners this week... Mama Smith designed a ride-on-in vehicle. This way, a simple wagon/riding toy base, through a child’s imagination, design and creation of the cardboard sides, becomes a car, truck boat, plane, spaceship or anything movable. The ride-on toy you build yourself. Selected for its creativity and versatility. I can see kids using their imagination more and causing them to learn more from using the toy and enjoy it more! Zack designed a monster truck Ride-on Toy. He said you drop something on the top and it shrinks to the ground to get on it. Selected for his creative problem solving in figuring out how you will get on the truck... and because monster trucks are awesome! These design are now entered in the running to be made into a real toy at the Playful Factory. Soon we will vote on which toy out of all the winners should be made into a real toy (as soon as we finish making the toy that won last time... the blue chomping dinosaur) Thanks for making this project so much fun. My favorite part was seeing all of the great designs you came up with. You are all so creative and fun. Come back later this week to see the new product launch and to try the new toy tutorial we will be posting soon.

Ride-on Toy Concepts

Currently, four concepts have been submitted to the ride-on toy project. I know there are many others with ideas out there that have not posted yet. You have until the end of the day today. To submit your design. Here is a sneak peak at the design concepts:

Concept 1

"Here is my son’s idea for a ride on toy. He wanted an airplane that you could drive and had guns to shoot."

Concept 2

"This is my daughter’s idea of a fun ride on toy. Has a moon roof, steps and horns to hang on to."

Concept 3

"It can come as a caterpillar, dinosaur, or horse. They are all pull along toys and ride-on toys so a big sister or brother or parent can pull the child on the ride-on. Or the child can pull it for fun. Or the child can push along themselves with their legs. A little pull along toy where the rope with the handle can be pulled. This also stores smaller toys. You can open the mouth of your ride on toy and put smaller toys inside. To get the toys out, you must pop it’s saddle up."

Concept 4

"Our kids used to have a big pull wagon with removable wood slatted sides. How about taking that design and making a hole in the bottom for feet to power it. Then design it to hold various interchangeable sides that make it look like a variety of vehicles. Better yet, make it so pieces of cardboard, ready to decorate and personalize, can fit into grooves in the sides of the wagon/car base. This way, you combine 1) the concept of a cardboard car that goes no where, but is fun to color and cut and design for watching movies; with 2) a ride-on-in vehicle. This way, a simple wagon/riding toy base, through a child’s imagination, design and creation of the cardboard sides, becomes a car, truck boat, plane, spaceship or anything movable. The ride-on toy you build yourself. Oops, I forgot about steering. Oh well, that’s a start." These really are great ideas... I want to see what concepts you have! Add your ideas as a comment here. You have until the end of the day today to be considered for the free toy giveaway. Simply participate in any part of the Ride-on Toy Project to be eligible. I will be posting the winners tomorrow.

Ride-on Toy Project Intro

The free toy giveaway for this project is a 'Howdy' bouncy rubber cow by TRUMPETTE. The howdy cow was designed to give hours of ride-on bouncing fun. Howdy's extra long ears make it easy to hold tight during wild ride. It will aid in developing your child’s physical abilities, coordination and have fun skills. You pick the color!!! Holds riders up to 220 lbs. Made of safe super-strong, soft, latex and phthalate free vinyl (PVC) and is 17" x 10" x 23" when inflated.

Do you want to win?

Hurry and have your buckaroos participate in the current toy design project to be eligible to win this free toy giveaway! This giveaway is open until October 4th. You can also get extra chances to win by subscribing to receive email updates, like my facebook page, or follow us on twitter.

Playful Factory's Ride-on Toy Concepts

Time to design... Let's see what you got. (add your ideas as a comment to this post) Here are a couple of our ideas:

Shoot and Ride

Details: A two seater with shooters on each end. It could shoot water or foam balls. With an area filled with these little vehicles it could be really fun!

Crazy Ball

Details: The crazy ball is a fun contraption that facilitates laughing and playing. It is an inflated bouncy ball with soft arms attached. It is secured to the floor or weighted at the bottom so that it will not tip over. I am not totally sure of its purpose but it sure looks fun. Jump on! Now I want to see your ride-on toy ideas... post them as a comment to this post. To attach an image it must be .jpg and smaller than 1000pixels x 1000pixels. If you need help, just send me the picture and I can put it up for you. info [@] playfulfactory [dot] com (We will announce soon what the free toy giveaway prize will be for participating.)
With the project launch for ride-on toys right around the corner I wanted to share something to help get you excited... When I found these videos, I knew this was just the thing I needed: Clearly these are all on the extreme side of ride-on toys, but they help show how fun toys really can be. Look for the Ride-On Toys project launch SOON!!!
The truth is that any toy can be dangerous... Here are some tips on how to keep ride-on toys as safe as possible: (provided by ezineartcles.com and thekidstoystore.com) As they embrace their growing sense of mobility, it is only natural for children to want their own bicycle, tricycle, or scooter. Parents should be supportive to this stage of their development and ensure safety when children are playing on ride toys. Experts recommend buying outdoor toys according to the manufacturer’s age and weight recommendation. There ride-on toys that can be used by children as young as 18 months. Here are other factors to consider when choosing a ride-on kid toy: 1. The child’s physical abilities 2. Toy Size 3. Potential hazards Parents should also buy protective gear like helmets, kneepads, or elbow pads. Toy tricycles should also have tall flags attached to them so motorists can easily spot them. Teach the child to properly wear his or her helmet. Demonstrate to them the correct way of wearing the helmet. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urges parents to remind children to: 1. Always wear protective gear like helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads. 2. Always ride your scooter during daytime. 3. Always ride your scooter on sidewalks or paved off roads and never where there are cars and other vehicles. 4. Keep your scooter on smooth surfaces and away from sand, gravel, water, and dirt. Never allow more than one child to ride at a time Never allow your child to be pushed while riding Should always be drove in child safe areas Do not forget driveway safety Good luck and beeeee safe. What other rules or guidelines should we be aware of as our kids enjoy ride-on toys?

Project Launch: The best ride-on toys

How do you determine which ride-on toys are the very best? Well, I can tell you how I chose my top fifteen. First, I broke ride-on toys into four categories; Wheels, Slide, Bounce, and Rock. Then, I did a whole bunch of research, trying to look at all of what is out on the market right now. Finally, I rated each product by its; Safety, Function, Uniqueness, Cost, Style, and whatever I "feel" about the product. Without further boring you with details here are my top 20 ride-on toys:


^ Space Hopper found on babygadget.com ^ Frog Hopper found on kingofthecastlesleisure.com ^ Rody found on thelearningtree.com by Gymnic ^ Fluffizoo found on kidscrave.com by fluffizoo ^ Howdy found on trumpette.com by TRUMPETTE


^ The Big Wheel found everywhere ^ Ride On found on funktionalley.com by Brio ^ Scooter found on highglossonline.com by Plan Toys ($162) ^ Euro Scooter found on justscoot.blogspot.com by Unknown ^ Skipper Scooter found on stylehive.com by Skipper Toys ^ Svan Scooter found on littleurbanites.com by Svan ^ Plasma Car found on plasmacar.com by PlaSmart ^ Krazy Kar found on backtobasictoys.com by Amloid Corporation ^ Sirch Max Push Car found on babynaturopathics.com by Sirch ^ Leka Trojan Horse found on kidscrave.com by Yngve Eriksson ^ Wooden Trike found on kidscrave.com by PlanToys ^ Scoot n Zoom found on kidscrave.com by Radio Flyer ^ URoll found on needspark.wordpress.com by Giggles ^ Inch Worm found on babygadget.com by Radio Flyer ^ Wheely Bug found on allmodernbaby.com by Prince Lionheart ^ Okiedog Trike found on timetoplaymag.com by International Playthings ^ Push-Bike for Three found on thingamababy.com by Winther ^ BIT found on grassrootsmodern.com by Glodos ^ Trunki Ride-on Luggage found on babble.com by Trunki Okay, so there were a little more than twenty... can blame me? Which one is your favorite? Why? I am sure I missed some good ones. If you find other ride-on toys that you really like add them to this post as a comment.
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