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16 Oct

Halloween Candy Bag Concepts

It is fun to think back on all the past Halloween nights and think 'What kind of trick-or-treat bag do I wish I had back then?' Here are my answers: 1. Bright Candy Bag - Embedded flashlight and glow in the dark reflective bands. This will help you see with the flashlight and help others see you with the reflective bands. 2. Candy Sorting Bag - With multiple cavities (pun intended) you can sort your candy as you go instead of when you get home. 3. GPS Candy Bag - This allows you to input what candy you get where and through a network of trick-or-treaters you can find which neighborhoods and houses have the candy you like. This will also help find those houses giving away king sized candy bars! 4. Candy Bag Cuffs - I never had my candy bag snatched as a kid, but I watched it happen multiple times. It looks like the worst experience ever!!! This little contraption simple attaches a cuff or fabric bracelet on your arm which is then connected to the candy bag. This way if anyone tries to take your bag, they will also have to take your whole arm. What ideas do you have? Share them as a comment here and become eligible for the Halloween free toy giveaway.

  1. October 25th, 2010 at 20:57 | #1

    The Oldest: I want a candy bag that looks just like a Jack O’ Latern it glows when you’re Trick or Treating and works as a flash light when you need it.

  1. October 16th, 2010 at 08:19 | #1

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