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15 Nov

Pet Toy Design Concepts

Design Concepts

Mouse Toy: A few years ago I discovered a mouse living behind the toe kick of my bathroom sink. Instead of doing the normal thing of going to the hardware store and buying a mouse trap, I decided to name him Nicely and keep him as a pet. I did not see him much, but whenever it was really quiet he would come out of his hole looking for food. He was a very talented little mouse and I grew rather fond of him. He would climb into my trash can and take whatever food he needed and then go back in his hole. We lived peacefully together for a few weeks until one day I found his droppings on my clothes. Instead of taking the time to potty train him I decided it was time to make the trip to the hardware store. This toy concept is a solution to the problem between me and Nicely. Now he can get his food and I can have unsoiled clothes.

Little Factory Worker Design Concepts

Ella: Mollie (my puppy) really likes the ears and noses of the my Build Your Own Monster toy, because they have a scratchy surface (velcro) and they are really fuzzy. Plus they are just the right size for her little mouth. So I think that would be a good idea for a ball or something. Jake: Dog chasing toy... Zack: Fast driving, flying toy with lasers... Add you pet toy design concept as a comment to become eligible free toy giveaway. The design winner and the free toy giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!

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