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07 Sep

Playful Factory: Now that is a lot of puppets!

Puppets have been around for a looooong time, dating back to ancient Asian cultures. They continue to be a big part of many cultures as story tellers and toys. Here are some of the many different type of toys to help give you some ideas... (list found on PuppetsinMelbourne.au) Animatronics (robotic puppets) Kota the Triceratops by Playskool found on KidsTechReview.com Blacklight puppets Caricature puppets (puppets made to look like real/famous people or yourselves/friends/family) Costume puppets (puppets you wear) < Finger puppets

Finger Puppet Rock Concert from Tim Wilson on Vimeo.

Found puppets (also known as object manipulation or object theatre) Glove puppets (aka hand puppets) Light curtain staging (puppets seen, puppeteers ‘invisible’ ) Marionettes (string puppets) Mouth puppets (puppets that talk) Muppet-types (a version of mouth puppets) Parade puppets (puppets used in parades or outdoors) People puppets Rod puppets Shadow puppets another cool shadow puppet video Shoulder puppets Sock puppets Table-top puppetry (a version of rod puppets) Toy theatre White light theatre (puppeteers visible) Ventriloquist puppets Water puppetry We probably missed some... share with us the ones that you find!

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