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06 Sep

Playful Factory: Project launch that is so fun it’s SCARY!!!

Monster Puppets are going to be monster fun! We will take a look at different types of puppets and also see all the many kinds of monsters we can make. Here are some of my favorite monster puppets. Some of them even date back to my childhood. ^ Droidimals by Manhattan Toys found on GrowingTreeToys.com ^ Green Monster by Silly Puppets found on SillyPuppets.com ^ Todd by Monster Factory found on MonsterFactory.com (There is no hyperlink because some the content is not appropriate for kids. It is not horrible... just being safe.) ^ Cookie Monster by Jim Henson found on PBS tv. ^ Monster Pals by Sew Easy Creations found on MaharDryGoods.com ^ Bumpkin by The Hookery found on Etsy.com ^ Purple Monster by Chasing My Star found on Etsy.com Let us know which one is your favorite and add some of your monster puppet finds.

  1. September 6th, 2010 at 13:35 | #1

    This is such a fun idea! Leave it to you guys to do something this imaginative and playful! Great site, I’ll pass the word! One of my favorite monsters {besides my own kids} are the ugly dolls. I have some of them framed in Toms room they are so cute!

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