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23 Sep

Safety Tips: Ride-on Toys

The truth is that any toy can be dangerous... Here are some tips on how to keep ride-on toys as safe as possible: (provided by ezineartcles.com and thekidstoystore.com) As they embrace their growing sense of mobility, it is only natural for children to want their own bicycle, tricycle, or scooter. Parents should be supportive to this stage of their development and ensure safety when children are playing on ride toys. Experts recommend buying outdoor toys according to the manufacturer’s age and weight recommendation. There ride-on toys that can be used by children as young as 18 months. Here are other factors to consider when choosing a ride-on kid toy: 1. The child’s physical abilities 2. Toy Size 3. Potential hazards Parents should also buy protective gear like helmets, kneepads, or elbow pads. Toy tricycles should also have tall flags attached to them so motorists can easily spot them. Teach the child to properly wear his or her helmet. Demonstrate to them the correct way of wearing the helmet. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urges parents to remind children to: 1. Always wear protective gear like helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads. 2. Always ride your scooter during daytime. 3. Always ride your scooter on sidewalks or paved off roads and never where there are cars and other vehicles. 4. Keep your scooter on smooth surfaces and away from sand, gravel, water, and dirt. Never allow more than one child to ride at a time Never allow your child to be pushed while riding Should always be drove in child safe areas Do not forget driveway safety Good luck and beeeee safe. What other rules or guidelines should we be aware of as our kids enjoy ride-on toys?

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