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11 Sep

Playful Factory: Monster Puppet DIY Toy Tutorial

Plush Monster to Puppet Monster

This little project is to show you how to make a puppet out of a little plush toy. One of my favorite methods of making a puppet is to take an existing toy and convert it into a puppet. This is simply done by following the general step-by-step instructions below. DIFFICULTY: 23% TIME: 02h 03m 21s MONEY: $$$$$ 1. Find monster toy that you like, but do not like it too much because we are going to mess it up before we put it back together 2. Rip/cut at the seam in a hidden spot. Usually the bottom or back work best. Try to position the opening so your hand can fit in and be placed at a good angle. 3. Un-stuff the fiberfill. (Do not throw away yet. You may want to use to re-stuff some areas later.) 4. Turn the toy inside out. 5. This step is unique to each toy, depending on how it was manufactured. In this example, we opened up the arms by ripping the seam where the arms were attached and re-stiching them back on around the border of the arm. This will leave an opening for a little finger to go in and wiggle to animate the monsters arm. We also added a green tongue to our monster's mouth by following this same method. 6. Play with the new monster puppet!

Do-It-Yourself Bonus:

Kent Rogowski gives us another quick way to customize a plush toy by simply turning it inside out. Instantly we can make a regular plush toy into a cool monster-looking toy. eHow.com shows you how here. Let us know how your project goes.

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