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20 Sep

A little about me…

I have come to realize that this blog has become a bit hectic for you, the reader, and for me. One toy design project a week has become a bit like having a tele-a-thon TV episode from the seventies... It's fine once in a while, but everytime, come on!!! No body wants to see Jerry Lewis and Ed Mcmahon asking for money day after day. Obviously, we are not asking for money, but you get the point. As a result, you may notice a slight change in format on the site as follows...


All the projects; past, present, and future will be found on the Projects page. I have tried to organized the projects to make it more accessible and useable. The current project is simply the highest numbered project. The previous projects are simply listed in the order that they were completed. We will continue to go through the design process step by step (research, tips, brainstorm, prototype, tutorial, contest). Now each project is grouped together so you can peruse the entire project at once and not have to wait for each individual post.


We will still be giving away free toys and announcing the toy design winners. We will also still be making the winning toys into "real" toys. The frequency of these parts of the site will calm down a little. We are moving toward monthly projects rather than weekly. The time gaps will be filled with more normal blog posts from me about the toy design process and my experiences along the way.


I hope to add a more personal side to toy design by sharing my thoughts and experiences from life (work as a toy designer, uncle of 31 nieces/nephews, toy blogger, etc...). This will be shared in a more typical blog format. Please feel free to share and comment on this part of the site as well. And don't worry, I will let you know when there is a new project added to the site or when there is a design contest and especially when there is a free toy giveaway. Stick around a while... this is going to be a blast! So, in this post you probably did not get to know much about me, but I am simply telling you, that with this new format, in the near future you will. Come back and play soon.

  1. September 21st, 2010 at 11:30 | #1

    I am LOVING the new format! The layout is great-but getting to know more about you is the REALLY exciting part. Because who wouldn’t want to know more about a cute industrial designer who knows about toys?!

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