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04 Jan

Can Toys Solve the Puzzles of the New Year?

The beginning of a new year often means reflection, recommitment, goals, resolutions... Going through this process often leaves me feeling more overwhelmed and confused than when I started. In the midst of this craziness I had an apostrophe (a.k.a. epiphany): Each year is like a jigsaw puzzle... and the beginning of each new year is the time we get to design the puzzle. Then, we spend the rest of the year putting it together. It's kind of like this:
  • First, make the big overall picture.
  • Then, slice it up into manageable pieces that should fit snuggly together.
  • In the end, the big picture will become a reality as each piece is laid in place.
  • In lieu of this epiphany, I thought it appropriate that the first project of this year should be designing puzzles! I am very excited for this project and hope you will join in and design your own awesome puzzle. As you do, you will become more and more likely to win the free toy giveaway (Oblo Ball see below). Hopefully while we explore, design, and make puzzles the process will help us figure out what puzzling 2011 will bring. Feel free to share any cool puzzles of any kind (jigsaw puzzles, wooden puzzles, digital puzzles, 3-D puzzles, puzzle games, word puzzles, etc...) you have seen as a comment.

    1. kylee
      January 5th, 2011 at 12:01 | #1

      The oldest: My favorite puzzles are tanagrams. We have a calendar of tanagram puzzles, one for every day of the year. I love to do them in my room.

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