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25 Jan

Cereal Box Puzzles

Growing up, my family ate breakfast in our pajamas, sitting around the the kitchen table, slurping our cold cereal. Each kid hunched over their plastic bowl while reading the back of one of the cereal boxes. If you haven't checked since you were a kid, cereal boxes still have the great puzzles printed on back. I am not sure who has the awesome job of designing the back of the cereal box but I am grateful that they still create great designs each and every month! Just this morning I solved the Honey Nut Cheerios puzzle to help Buzz get out of the safe where they keep all the honey and pollen for his hive. Once you are done with solving the cereal box puzzle and eating the cereal the fun does not have to stop there. Here are some fun suggestions of puzzles and other projects you could make with your empty cereal box:
MadeByJoel show us how to make a cereal box marble maze.
ID Mommy shows us how to make a classic jigsaw puzzle using a cereal box.
HandMadeCharlotte shows us how to make a little village from a cereal box. Let me know if you come up with any cereal box puzzle ideas...

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