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24 Dec

Christmas Eve Drawing

(hand drawn Christmas card from my new found friend... Thanks Goran) I love Christmas Eve... the buzz of Christmas is at its highest. Everyone seems to be anxious with great anticipation. I went shopping today for some last minute gifts (this year all my gifts were last minute). I was behind a lady in the check out line that was counting out her change to try and pay for some used movies and toys for her kids. She did not speak english so I offered to the cashier to pay for whatever she could not afford. The cashier told the lady about my offer and the lady immediately turned and very timidly said, "thank you". After a few minutes of counting dimes nickels and pennies the cashier announced that she did have enough (which I am pretty sure that she did not). This experience makes me think of the ladies kids. I hope they unwrap the gifts tomorrow and smile. I hope that all kids wake up tomorrow with their greatest wishing being fulfilled. Fly Santa fly... the kids need you! One of my favorite traditions is to draw a picture on Christmas Eve... after the parties die... after the piggy pudding has been eaten and we are sitting around by the fire I like to take out a pen and doodle. Sometimes pictures of Santa come out. Other times a picture of the nativity... I look forward to seeing what comes this year. Merry Christmas Eve!

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