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22 Dec

Christmas Tree Craziness

One of my favorite parts about the Christmas is the tree... Choosing it, decorating it, putting presents under it, and eventually hauling it off to be burned in a bon fire by a neighborhood teenager (that is what happened last year). This post is an ode to the Christmas tree with a fun Christmas tree craft at the end. Enjoy!
(our tree two years ago... apparently we spent not enough on the tree and too much on gifts that year!)
(upside down... that's worse than burning the flag)
(“Zack’s Christmas Tree Surprise” “Instead of a star, I put a snowman. So you just see a Christmas tree with a snowman on top. And then surprise some things come out of the tree. First lasers come out with snowmans at the ends that go fast down but they don’t break or make a sound. Then elves come out. And it scares you. An ornament opens up and a pole comes out with an elf hanging from it. The first elves to come out are smaller and then as they come out they get bigger and bigger. The elves are nice but a little freaky to scare you. The elves laugh too.”)
(afro-wig tree)
(Charlie Brown)
(great little Christmas Tree Craft here)
Merry Christmas everybody... and if you are like me you learned this year that it only costs $15 to get a permit to go cut down your own tree and it costs $80 to get one in the lot. This year we used one out of a box, but next year I think we will take a trip and go cut down our own little fir. What kind of tree is your Christmas tree? Real? Fake? Lot bought? Lumberjack style?

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