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03 Jun

Creature Cups by Boon

My wife and I heard there was a baby clothing sale at one of our favorite modern baby stores, Little Artika, so we loaded up the car and headed to Scottsdale. There were some great clothes, but the ones that we liked were all for 12 months and above (our little guy is just a newbie). So, we started looking around the store at all the other awesome products they carry. This is by far my favorite store to snoop around in... They carry this bedding by dwell: and this cool stuff, including the orbit stroller: and these There toy wall is my favorite, but I was so mesmerized by the toys that I forgot to snap a photo. All the products they carry are products that I have researched, studied, and admired as I have designed other products... which brings me to my next point. As we were looking around the store we came to their Boon section, only to find a few new products were on the shelf, including one that I helped design while I worked at Boon. I was so pleasantly surprised, I had to snap a photo: You can get your own in my Toy Store, on Amazon or at any store that carries Boon's products. I always feel giddy when I visit Little Artika, but this trip was particularly exciting. If you get the chance I recommend stopping by and checking out all the cool stuff Little Artika has to offer.

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