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15 Apr

Designing the CHORE out of it!

BCBasket-Toy-Pile Let me start by saying that I am a fan of a good healthy mess. There is just something great about a giant pile of toys left over from a serious play session. I also enjoy a nice tidy space that allows room for a totally different type of play. In one of my classes this semester I got focus on the fun topic of cleaning up toys, as we explored various prototyping methods. How can we make cleaning up toys more like the fun we have while playing with them? I explored two very different approaches; 1. Clumsy Ninja - A tablet app using augmented reality and persuasive interactions (digital prototypes for younger kids). 2. Toy Trapper - A kit of toy trapping parts that allows you to devise their own toy gathering mechanism (physical prototypes for older kids). Clumsy Ninja - Your toy tidying ally. As you help train the Clumsy Ninja, he helps you be motivated to clean up your toys. He also helps increase your ability to clean up by dividing the task in to smaller manageable exercises. All of this is baked into a fun mess-fighting game. Read more about this project here. Toy Trapper - Get them before the mess gets you. (tag line needs some work) While on the hunt choose how you want to trap your toys... you're the expert! This trapping kit comes with all the pieces you need to make endless combinations of toy traps and it comes packaged in a giant bear trap. OUCH!!! Thanks for letting me indulge by sharing some of my recent work. Hope you had fun checking out. What fun projects have you seen lately? What are you designing?

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