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28 May

Forts and Tree Houses

I grew up on cul-de-sac along with what had to have been about 30 other kids between the ages of 5 and 15. A group of us joined together to start a club and every club needs a fort. So, we built one. One of the kid's dad was in construction and we used all the supplies we could find laying around their yard. We even used his giant mound of dirt as the shell. We spent days carving out walls, benches, tunnels, and cubby holes for secret things. We then covered the mound with wood planks for cover. It was a pretty awesome piece of work, equiped with trap doors, beds, and look-out scope. The only down side was that about once a month the dad needed the dirt for work and we would have to disassemble the entire thing, but we always knew more dirt would be coming. Have you ever helped to build a fort? This month, our first project of the summer, is going to be focused on my favorite type of fort, the tree house. We will check out all the cool tree houses that already exist, learn a little about the history of tree houses, and get some tips from an expert tree house designer and builder to help us get started as we create our own tree house for the design challenge. To kick things off I have added some cool tree house photos to my pinterest board. Check them out for some inspiration and let me know if you find any other cool ones.

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