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04 Oct

Kids Ride-on Toy Concepts

Currently, four concepts have been submitted to the ride-on toy project. I know there are many others with ideas out there that have not posted yet. You have until the end of the day today. To submit your design. Here is a sneak peak at the design concepts:

Concept 1

"Here is my son’s idea for a ride on toy. He wanted an airplane that you could drive and had guns to shoot."

Concept 2

"This is my daughter’s idea of a fun ride on toy. Has a moon roof, steps and horns to hang on to."

Concept 3

"It can come as a caterpillar, dinosaur, or horse. They are all pull along toys and ride-on toys so a big sister or brother or parent can pull the child on the ride-on. Or the child can pull it for fun. Or the child can push along themselves with their legs. A little pull along toy where the rope with the handle can be pulled. This also stores smaller toys. You can open the mouth of your ride on toy and put smaller toys inside. To get the toys out, you must pop it’s saddle up."

Concept 4

"Our kids used to have a big pull wagon with removable wood slatted sides. How about taking that design and making a hole in the bottom for feet to power it. Then design it to hold various interchangeable sides that make it look like a variety of vehicles. Better yet, make it so pieces of cardboard, ready to decorate and personalize, can fit into grooves in the sides of the wagon/car base. This way, you combine 1) the concept of a cardboard car that goes no where, but is fun to color and cut and design for watching movies; with 2) a ride-on-in vehicle. This way, a simple wagon/riding toy base, through a child’s imagination, design and creation of the cardboard sides, becomes a car, truck boat, plane, spaceship or anything movable. The ride-on toy you build yourself. Oops, I forgot about steering. Oh well, that’s a start."
These really are great ideas... I want to see what concepts you have! Add your ideas as a comment here. You have until the end of the day today to be considered for the free toy giveaway. Simply participate in any part of the Ride-on Toy Project to be eligible. I will be posting the winners tomorrow.

  1. December 2nd, 2010 at 13:30 | #1

    What an inspirational blog and yes if we take the time to ask kids what it is they like they will tell you as they have such a simplistic outlook on life that we as adults have lost.

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