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13 Jul

Let Kids Design Their Own Play

blog-post-play Great article on letting kids design their own play by Cas Holman (RISD)... http://www.fastcodesign.com/3048508/the-case-for-letting-kids-design-their-own-play A few favorite quotes: "In childhood, toys become part of a playful process of becoming ones’ self... Essentially, in childhood we play our way through discovering who we are." Given this, then... "The ideal toy for a child is not a toy at all but something that they’ve appropriated for play... Because these found objects have no assigned story (they are "un-designed"), they shift identities as needed." How to talk to kids about their play... "important difference between asking kids "What are you building?" and saying to them, "Tell me about what you’re doing... by saying "tell me about this" we leave the door open to stories about what children are imagining, and they can share challenges, discoveries about putting things together, or any number of things about their experience with their peers and school." Summary type stuff... "Giving children less leaves room for them to contribute more. By allowing them to direct their own play they develop habits of agency, independence, and self-determination. Armed with these skills, they jump in to figure out who they are and will be in the world, rather than waiting for someone to hand them a model to follow... When children have agency in their play, they learn to have agency in their lives. The instructions we should give to children? Don’t wait for someone to tell you who and what to be—jump in and figure it out." Makes me reflect on the value of kids designing their own toys. How does that fit into this approach to thinking?

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