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25 Dec

Christmas Nativity Toys

If you were to come to my parents house during Christmas time there are two decoration collections I would have to show you... first is my mother's Santa collection! There must be well over 50 different Santa's. Most of them were given as gifts. You know how that goes, once a collection like that starts it is hard to stop it (not that you would want to). The other collection that she has is Nativity Scenes from all around the world, including Fischer-Price:) Each one of them is uniquely designed and has a story behind how she obtained it. Each of them is a great reminder of what this holiday season is all about... There are so many in her collection that I almost thought that I had seen every possible depiction of the Nativity out there until I was researching to find her a gift for this year and I found some that I had never seen before... and I share them as my Christmas present to all of you: (Designed by Massimo Giacon for Alessi found here)
(by Matryoshka Madness found here)
(by Film and Thread)
(Japanese Origami Nativity)
(Designed by Playful Studios for Playful Factory found here)

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