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16 Nov

Pet Toy Design Winners

Free Toy Giveaway Winner

The randomly selected winner of the pet toy is Kylee (#8 comment on Playful Factory's facebook page). Playful Factory is excited to deliver you a free pet giraffe to stick to your wall, door, or where ever you want.

Toy Design Idea WInner

Zack's idea of a flying pet toy is awesome... I can really see some pets going crazy over trying to chase down this flying toy! Way cool idea! This design is now entered to be in the running to be made into a real toy at the Playful Factory. If you want to get involved with the Playful Factory find out how here. Thanks for sharing your ideas. A big thanks to Kate at Moderncat for providing us with some great tips on how to design cat toys. And thanks to all of you for providing feedback and commenting along the way. Look for our next project launch later this week!

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