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25 Sep

Right on, ride-on toys!

I have been researching and looking at ride-on toys all week and while doing so I remembered that I had a ride-on toy that I loved when I was little. I asked my mom about it and she sent me this: That's me (that's my brother in the background) and this is what my mom had to say about it: "The car was a gift for your 1st birthday and I made your cake look like a hot rod (kind of) too. Your siblings loved pushing you around the house. It was a great house for that - almost like a race track from the entry hall all the way around through the hallway by the family room, through the kitchen, through the dining room and back to the entry hall. As you got a few months older, you could put your feet down and push yourself around. Look at the happy face. I love the belly and little feet." My mom was the best at giving themed birthdays and always making great cakes to help celebrate. I remember having a Teddy Ruxpin cake not too many years after this birthday... classic. Apparently, sweet vehicles at a young age runs in the family! This is my dad when he was a kid, sporting his overalls as he drives his Chief Fire Engine. Go dad! I share with you these lovely photos and family memories to let you know the ride-on toy project has been launched! Go here to check it out and participate. There will be a free ride-on toy that will be given to one of the lucky participants. So, leave comments, draw new toy concepts... get involved and win a great toy.

  1. kylee
    September 27th, 2010 at 10:50 | #1

    I think ride-on toys remain the ultimate gift. My parents have made it a tradition to give a ride-on toy to each of my kids for their 1st birthday. They love it?!

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