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06 May

Stamping my way to graduation

I only have a couple of more weeks of school. After graduation I am hoping to get to spend some more time back at Playful Factory. In reflection, I have been looking at my projects, very grateful that I been able to have so much fun during my two years at IIT Institute of Design (Chicago). photo Here is one of the projects that I am just wrapping up. It is a game to help people better understand another culture, specifically 'Childhood in India'. The game is called Bachpan (means childhood in Hindi). It is played by rolling colored marbles from house to house within an apartment complex. This symbolizes the open and friendly social play structure found throughout much of India. Friends quickly blur into being your extended family as you 'roll around' together. You will learn this and many other characteristics of Indian culture through the eyes of six kids. IMG_6873 copy One of the really fun aspects of developing this game was getting to learn about wood block stamping. It is an Indian traditional method for making patterns on fabrics. They make some really amazing patterns, so I decided to mimic some for the decoration of this game. IMG_6923 I made the stamps by laser cutting into wood. I then wetted the stamps using normal stamp ink. IMG_6877x You can see more projects from my graduate school days here. There are several stores on Etsy that sell these wooden stamp blocks if you are interested, but I found making the block to be just as much fun and stamping. Also, I had fun collecting inspiration art to inform my design... check out my pinterest board.

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