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02 Mar

Where to Put Your Birdhouse?

I have been gathering things from around the house to start working on my birdhouse project... While getting ready to build my diy birdhouse, I have also been thinking about where I should stick the thing once I am done. I found some tips online and thought I would share them with you. Try to place the bird house where it is shaded from the hot sun. A little morning sun will not hurt. Most birds like a clear flight path into the nest box. To attract birds you might try placing a small piece of dried moss inside. If possible have the hole facing away from the prevailing wind so rain does not blow in. Different habitats attract different birds. Observe the bird you want to attract in its natural habitat and try to recreate it. There are many things you can do in your yard. One thing you can do is provide bird feeders and water. Do not put the food to close to the bird house or they may not use it for fear of predators. You may even want to plant trees or shrubs, birds can perch on to survey the feeder for predators from a safe distance. I found this info at All-Birds.com. I will be the first to admit that I am not "all birds", but I I have been having fun researching and building... Have you found any good birdhouse research or have started building your own birdbox? Please share.

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