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13 Jan

Champ the Wooden Pull-Along Dinosaur

It could have been Christmas all over again for all I knew... On Saturday, I got to spend my entire day working on projects. Tools, saw dust, runny nose (its cold out there), work gloves, trying to finish before the sun went down... It was perfect. To add to it all, I got to spend a lot of the day hanging out with my 4 year old nephew. Together we built a wooden pull-along toy dinosaur, which he designed (see drawings below).

I picked my nephew up and we got to work. I wanted him to be involved in making the toy, because he is fun to hang out with, he is a good worker, and I needed his expert design eye to help add the little details. I almost forgot... I needed to barrow some of his Handy Manny tools (see picture below).

I did most of the cutting, while my nephew learned about the different tools we were using. Scroll saw, band saw, drill press, table sander, palm sander, dremmel... He did a great job sanding, drilling, mixing, painting and supervising. At first he wanted his dinosaur to be blue with blue stripes (that is his favorite color), but once he saw the orange paint he quickly improvised and gave Champ (the toy dinosaur) some fierce orange stripes.

It was a fun project and soon the wooden pull-along dinosaur will be available in my Etsy Store to purchase and paint on your own.

See more photos from this project here.

  1. kylee
    January 13th, 2011 at 21:14 | #1

    Cool! It might have been your Christmas, but he was in Heaven! Thank you!

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