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10 Jan

The Best Wooden Animal Toy Puzzles

As I have continued my research of puzzles I began to notice how many great wooden animal puzzles there are out there. Here are the best of the ones that I found.

Wooden Elephant Puzzle

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Zoomaderita Paintable Puzzles

Naef Wooden Toy Puzzle

Little Wooden Animal Puzzles

Elephant Puzzle

I hope that all of these puzzles are giving you some good ideas for new toy puzzle designs!

  1. Robert-jan
    March 13th, 2014 at 04:52 | #1


    I wonder if you know the Original designer from this elephant puzzle, about 15 years ago I found a metall one and last weekend I found the same one, both in France and they must be made around the 1920s. I hope you can help me ?


  • kylee
    January 11th, 2011 at 09:25 | #2

    I love puzzles! I am really like the first elephant and the last elephant. I’ve seen the last elephant somewhere….have you posted it a long time ago, or have I seen it at a store?
    My mom is a huge proponent of puzzles and mind games. She would always have a lot on her desk at work to encourage those she managed to feel welcome to come in and talk to her. It also made it more entertaining when we were kids, as we would wait and wait for her to finally get done working.

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